SUPERMAN: DOOMSDAY - "We Owe Him" (Fan film 3 of 5) Wonder Woman Interlude

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SUPERMAN: DOOMSDAY - "We Owe Him" (Fan film 3 of 5) Wonder Woman Interlude

7 years ago

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بواسطة: kashchei2003نشر منذ: 7 years ago

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1, 774 اعجاب   153 استياء

View in full screen HD! This is an interlude to the fan made Superman Doomsday saga featuring Wonder Woman. In it we get a little back story with two villains from her rogues gallery: Ares and Circe. I thought it would be cool to give her a voice and some more face time because Wonder Woman gets no love on the big screen, but she's gonna be huge in my finale! I tried to expand on the flashback scene from Funeral for a Friend, and go deeper into her relationship with Clark/Superman so we understand her motivations and why she wants to avenge his death.

FACEBOOK FAN PAGE - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Superman-Doomsday/169686226452812

As promised, I plan to upload teasers and trailers for the Superman Doomsday finale as I work my way through. The working draft is about 80% complete. With the new Hulk coming in the Avengers and Dark Knight coming out next year, I'll have to wait and see what clips I can use from them to flesh it out. It may totally alter the draft I'm working on now, but these are some shots that I know I'm going to use so I went ahead and did some work on them.

If you want to know any of the music you heard here, click this link for a list of songs used throughout all the videos in the Superman Doomsday campaign:



Edited clips from:

The Incredible Hulk
The Dark Knight
Stargate SG 1
Superman Returns


DC Comics, WB own all rights rights. I am not affiliated with any of them.


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