Sci-Fi Short Movie "The Giant Scorpion" (Directed by Andrea Ricca)
نشر: 2 years ago بواسطة: Andrea Ricca Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror Short Movies

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Sci-Fi Short Movie

Sci-Fi Short Movie "The Giant Scorpion" (Directed by Andrea Ricca) بواسطة Andrea Ricca Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror Short Movies   2 years ago

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"When a meteorite crashes into a suburban street a passing scorpion grows to the size of a large dog and proceeds into the nearest apartment block to attack the quintessential attractive young woman" STARBUST MAGAZINE (http://bit.ly/2zbsuRX)
Andrea Ricca, Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror Movies Director.
Over 25 million views on YouTube and int'l reviews such as STARBURST MAGAZINE, SCREAM HORROR MAGAZINE, DREAD CENTRAL, HORROR MOVIE CA, GOREZONE, HORROR SOCIETY, HORRORNEWS NET, FAMOUS MONTERS OF FILMLAND, SFX UK, ECRAN FANTASTIQUE, and the appreciation of the historic production company "HAMMER FILM", of the "FRIGHT NIGHT INTERNATIONAL FILM FEST", of the "HORROR SOCIETY", of the production company "CGBROS" and the compliments of the legend of special effects Tom Savini.
Instagram: http://bit.ly/2FuWbzI
Follow me on Instagram: http://bit.ly/2FuWbzI
Official Website: http://www.andrearicca.it
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    2, 325, 060

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