(Sci-Fi Short Film) "ALIENS NIGHT" UFO invasion Sci-Fi Short Movie

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(Sci-Fi Short Film)

(Sci-Fi Short Film) "ALIENS NIGHT" UFO invasion Sci-Fi Short Movie بواسطة Andrea Ricca   2 years ago

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Official website: http://www.andrearicca.it

ALIENS NIGHT is a Sci-Fi Short Film, with CGI special effects, about a close encounter between a young scientist and some aliens just arrived on the earth.It was shot by only two person, the director and the actress, at zero budget and without any troupe, with the only help of an HD Camera and a Pc. Writing, shooting, editing, 3D modellation and animation, compositing and post-production are made by the director Andrea Ricca. It got some good reviews and critics also from the historical Hammer Film, Fright Film Fest, More Horror.com, Slice of Sci-fi, CGBros etc. Starring: Stefania Autuori. Particles and dynamics: Matteo Migliorini.

Andrea Ricca is an independent director who has realized, since 1998, some science fiction short movies, with CGI VFX. They reached over 12 million views on YouTube and were welcomed positively by international reviews such as HORROR SOCIETY, DREAD CENTRAL, HORROR MOVIE.CA, HARROW IN THE HEAD, BLOODY DISGUSTING, DAILY HORROR, FAMOUS MONTERS OF FILMLAND, THE CGBROS, FRIGHT NIGHT INTERNATIONAL FILM FEST, and the historical "HAMMER FILM", the english “SFX UK" the french “ECRAN FANTASTIQUE”, "STARBURST" and many more.

"It's a very impressive piece of work, and the special effects are great throughout. Stay watching till the very end." - HAMMER FILM

"We were very entertained!" - CGBROS

"Wow!!!!! This is an amazing film! You and your team are incredibly talented." Kenneth Daniels Executive Producer FRIGHT NIGHT FILM FEST

"It's pure fun to watch!" Sam Sloan News Editor SLICE OF SCIFI.COM

"Effective use of editing and camera angles. Give this fun short a watch. You might be pleasantly surprised." - MORE HORROR.COM

"An incredibly well done film." - THE INDEPENDENT CRITIC.COM

"Let the invasion begin!" - THE DAILY HORROR

Official selection at "Vienna Frights Nights International Film Festival"

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