Superman Doomsday Trailer #6 - "Final Hour" (Fan Edit)

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Superman Doomsday Trailer #6 -

Superman Doomsday Trailer #6 - "Final Hour" (Fan Edit)

5 years ago

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بواسطة: kashchei2003نشر منذ: 5 years ago

3, 032, 773 مشاهده

3, 646 اعجاب   832 استياء

View in HD! Final trailer for fan made Superman Doomsday "JUSTICE" finale! The wait is over!

This trailer recaps everything that has happened in the fan made Superman Doomsday saga to date, and looks ahead to the epic, action packed conclusion with the origin of the Justice League!

If you want to know any of the music you heard here, click this link for a list of songs used throughout all the videos in the Superman Doomsday campaign:


FACEBOOK FAN PAGE - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Superman-Doomsday/169686226452812

DISCLAIMER: NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. This is a FAN MADE video, non-profit. But Nolan and Snyder need to make this happen after Man of Steel! lol

DC Comics, WB own all rights rights. I am not affiliated with any of them.

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