#6 تفحيط ريمكس يوم الجمعه │ ℯtℯrnity الأعمار

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#6 تفحيط ريمكس يوم الجمعه │ ℯtℯrnity الأعمار - صوت وصوره لايف

#6 تفحيط ريمكس يوم الجمعه │ ℯtℯrnity الأعمار

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#6 ريمكس يوم الجمعه
مكس هجوله خرافي

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chris parker - goa
xite - down down ( alken mix )
emotion - eternity ( al ken mix )

Tafheet (تفحيط), or Hajwalah (هجولة) popularly known elsewhere in the world as Arab, Saudi or Middle East drifting, is an illegal street racing phenomenon commonly believed to be started in the late 1970s that involves trying to "drift" cars; to drive cars that are generally non-modified factory setup rental cars at very high speeds, around 160 – 260 km/h (100 - 161 mph), across wide highways throwing the car left and right. In the process, racers often drive dangerously close to traffic, barriers, and spectators watching from the sides without any protection. Drifters usually drive and damage local rental vehicles, minimising personal cost. Rarely are purpose-built drifting engine and suspension packages used or special handbrakes fitted. Tafheet driver practice and events are generally seen on the wide sectioned highways of Riyadh, Al-Qassim Province and less notably in other parts of Saudi Arabia. The technique does not involve recognised high speed rally racing skills e.g. high speed cornering using power slides. But instead the skill involves sliding around on a wide flat straight road section at high speed, drifting sideways and recovering with opposite lock repeatedly. Tafheet practice and events occur with little to no concern for any vehicle occupants, other drivers or any spectator safety.



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