"SPIDER DANGER" - Giant Spider Sci-Fi Short Film - Directed by Andrea Ricca-
نشر: 6 years ago بواسطة: Andrea Ricca

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"SPIDER DANGER" - Giant Spider Sci-Fi Short Film - Directed by Andrea Ricca- بواسطة Andrea Ricca   6 years ago

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"Is there anything creepier than a really good spider movie?" - DREAD CENTRAL.COM (
"Ricca proves once again that creativity and commitment can often compensate for cash." - The Independent Critic.Com (
"Real good b-movie stuff here." HORROR-MOVIES.CA (
"Andrea shows how you can make a fun B-movie monster horror without the need of a plentiful cash supply." - Horror Cult Films (
"A tribute to '50s science fiction like TARANTULA." - FUNSIZE HORROR (
"An original short film!" - FAMOUS MONSTER OF FILMLAND (


"SPIDER DANGER" is a sci-fi short film, with CGI VFX, shot with zero budget. The story is about a spider that reach huge dimensions and it is also a tribute to '50s science fiction like "Tarantula" by Jack Arnold. The short was made by only one person: the director Andrea Ricca who did the scripting, shooting, acting, editing, special effects, 3d modellation and animation. The original music was composed by Antonio De Luise. The work is a zero budget production, it had no external contributions and it made no payements to the sharers. It was realized with the only help of a MiniDV camera and a computer.




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