مدرس مصري يعتمد على الموسيقى والغناء في التدريس
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مدرس مصري يعتمد على الموسيقى والغناء في التدريس

مدرس مصري يعتمد على الموسيقى والغناء في التدريس بواسطة STRINGERS' VIDEO NEWS AGENCY LLC.   3 years ago

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STORY: Gearing up for the 2014 fall, which starts next Saturday, students in Egypt are gathering in large numbers to take private lessons with Master, Omar Hamed, because of his unique approach to teaching.
Hamed is quickly gaining fame in Egypt as the man who sings the subjects with his students.
The classes offered are psychology, philosophy and logistics, which Hamed has arranged into easy to remember songs and melodies. When the students come to class, they are given a copy of the “lyrics” or course material, and they proceed to sing together, accompanied by musicians and dancers.
Hamed believes the when that the music has an positive effect on the students, which helps them to learn easier and to overcome challenges cheerfully and easily, “Music triggers the hormones in the right and left brain which cause a state of happiness. As long as the students are happy, they don’t feel discouraged, it helps them to think,” He says.


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